Your gut is critical to your overall health & well-being.

But what's the deal with prebiotics?

Your gut is a wonderland. Ample research shows that prebiotics play a vital role in maintaining a healthy gut, which ultimately means a healthier, happier you. 

It’s a good gut feeling

Your microbiome is just as unique as you are. Filled with billions of brilliant little bacteria performing a multitude of jobs. 

But just like you, those microscopic warriors need nourishment to function at their best. That’s where prebiotics come in: prebiotic fiber helps feed and nourish our all-important gut bacteria. That means improved digestion, a stronger immune system, and better metabolism for you.

At Mayawell, we like to say we’re all about that good gut feeling. We believe the healthier choice can also be the more delicious choice. Adiós, sugar: hello, flavor!

Uno más, por favor

Cheers to flavor!

Our natural, botanical sodas are packed with flavor and functional health benefits. No more unsatisfying sparkling water or sugary sodas.

  • 40 calories or less
  • 5g prebiotic fiber
  • Only 4g natural sugar
Sabor y salud
We’ve learned a lot about the importance of the gut recently & we now better understand its vital importance in our lives
Trust your gut
The gut is often referred to as the body’s second brain – and with good reason. Our gut impacts everything from our mood to our appetite and even our immune system

Good for the gut. Better for the tastebuds.

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