Born in México, Hecho en Texas

Organic agave

A sensible, low sugar solución.

Our proprietary Active Agave™ is low in fructose and low glycemic index. In other words, it’s the ideal alternative to cane sugar and funky tasting sweeteners like Stevia.

We work closely with indigenous populations in Oaxaca to create positive social change. We also donate 2% of profits from each sale to our non-profit partner, Hermano Maguey.


Sustainably sourced


Rooted in science.

Mayawell co-founder Vicente Reyes is a native of Oaxaca and has spent more than 20 years working with agave, including six years researching our Active Agave.

His vision to unlock the functional health benefits of this all-important plant led us to create Mayawell: a reimagined soda that is both functional and delicious.

What’s behind
our name?

Our name is derived from the goddess of the agave, Mayahuel. As the mother of agave, she represents growth and nourishment.

For centuries she has played a key role in Mesoamerican and Mexican life and we honor her with our refreshing, life-giving bebidas.




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