Matcha Recipe for the Morning

Americans drink about 400 million cups of coffee every day. That’s a lot of coffee. You know how many bathtubs that could fill? I don’t, but I bet it’s a lot.

My household adds to that daily coffee count: we love our bean juice. But sometimes, coffee first thing in the morning makes the stomach feel a little… weird. A waterfall of acid down the esophagus isn’t always what the doctor ordered (especially if your work bathrooms aren’t quite as private as you’d like). On bad days, it also makes my anxiety worse.

That’s why it’s good to switch up your morning routine and have options. A varied diet also helps keep the gut healthy. This is because our gut bacteria feeds off of what we eat and drink. If we’re always consuming the same things, gut bacteria that likes those foods are consistently fed while other bacteria are starved. A varied diet ensures all bacteria are receiving enough food to thrive.

Health Benefits of Matcha

Matcha is a great coffee alternative:

  • Similar caffeine content to coffee to help get you up and at ‘em (caffeine amount depends on how you make your matcha)
  • Many people experience a more calm caffeine high with matcha vs. coffee
  • Comparable bitter flavor profile; if you like coffee, you’ll probably like matcha
  • Filled with antioxidants (like coffee, so you’re not losing any benefits)
  • No coffee breath (ew)
  • Super easy to make
  • Easy on the stomach

Read more about the benefits of matcha here.

Why You Should Drink Matcha in the Morning

Matcha is a perfect choice to shart your day:

  • It boosts your metabolism
  • Matcha contains the amino acid L-Theanine, which promotes relaxation, memory, serotonin (happy feelings), and concentration
  • It can increase your physical endurance up to 24% (according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition) so it makes a great pre-workout
  • Matcha contains abundant polyphenols, which are prebiotics that encourage healthy gut bacteria and discourage unhealthy gut bacteria 

Read more about the digestive benefits of matcha.

However, because of the more subtle caffeine effects, matcha is also a great option for the afternoon! I usually need a pick-me-up around 3 pm. Coffee at this time will keep me way past my bedtime, whereas matcha gives me just enough energy to keep going.

A Gut-Healthy Morning Matcha Recipe 

I know bubbly matcha might sound weird, but it’s [chef’s kiss]. Furthermore, it’s a great way to make your morning bright, bubbly, and refreshing. 

Mayawell contains 20% of your daily value of prebiotic fiber, so this morning matcha recipe trumps coffee in the “health” realm, for sure. It will help you prioritize digestion and good gut health in a way that tastes delicious (ick, MiraLAX). And I can personally guarantee this fulfills your caffeine buzz needs without sending you to the bathroom.

A healthy gut is an essential part of your morning routine. When your gut feels good, you’ll reap the rewards all day long:

  • Improve mental clarity
  • Boost metabolism
  • Reduce bloating
  • And so much more! 

Choosing a Matcha Powder

There are many different kinds of matcha powder out there, and some are better than others. Look for ceremonial grade matcha instead of just culinary grade. We highly recommend this ceremonial matcha powder by Jade Leaf. 

Mayawell Matcha Recipe

This recipe is quick and simple. You can mix ahead of time so all you have to do morning-of is pour over ice. 


1-2 T ceremonial grade matcha powder

¾ cup water

Strawberry ginger Mayawell

1/3 cup coconut milk or cream

Vanilla simple syrup (optional)

Note: We make our own sugar-free simple syrup (below). You can also add a drizzle of honey, maple syrup, or raw cane sugar.

Optional: Keto Simple Syrup

1 cup water

1 cup Monk Fruit Sweetener (we like besti)

  1. Blend matcha powder with ¾ cups of water. More matcha = a stronger matcha flavor and more caffeine. 
  2. If you want to make a keto simple syrup, add 1 cup water and 1 cup Monk Fruit sweetener to a saucepan and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer 4-5 minutes, stirring frequently, until the sweetener is fully dissolved. 
  3. Add ice,  ¾ cup of your blended matcha, and simple syrup or sweetener (optional) to a large glass. Stir. Top off with Strawberry Ginger Mayawell. 

The Best Gut Healthy Drink for Your Morning Routine

There are two types of mornings:

☀️ You wake up to birds singing outside your sunny window, make a smooth cup of your favorite french press, then head outside for a crisp morning walk (during which you contemplate your existence and work through any existential crises).

🚨 You wake up 20 minutes late to a buzzing alarm, grab a granola bar for breakfast, apologize to your dog for not having time to walk them before work, and run out the front door hoping no one notices you forgot to put on deodorant.

With fall approaching and the world starting to ease itself out of pandemic hibernation, many of us are getting reintroduced to more hectic morning routines. Kids are going back to school, traffic is busier, and you’re trying to get a wholesome breakfast in before heading to the office. We can’t always do it all—it’s exhausting! Incorporating a gut health drink into your morning routine is an easy, effective way to change the course of your whole day.


Why even have a routine?

It’s important to get your body started off on a positive note in the morning, especially if you want to be the most productive, alert, and joyful you possible. Studies show that having some kind of daily routine helps us all be better versions of ourselves:

  • Routines help alleviate anxiety
  • Better, more regular routines → lower likelihood of chronic stress
  • Routines allow us to prioritize what’s important to us

And the list goes on. 

But very few of us have time to get in a full breakfast, an hour-long workout, or a solid meditation practice before we hit our 9-5. The good news? We don’t have to do everything to make a big change in our life.

It’s helpful to pick one small (but significant) aspect of your life to improve, and incorporate that into your daily routine. This way, you can achieve small wins, and research shows small changes are more sustainable and effective than a complete overhaul. Yeah, waking up at 4 a.m. so you can meditate, stretch, lift weights, and make a full-on breakfast skillet sounds productive, but chances are that’s not something you’ll carry through for more than a week. 

We know that good digestion helps regulate blood sugar, cravings, and brain fog during the day. Because of how closely the stomach and the brain are connected, incorporating a gut healthy drink into your morning routine is one of the best ways to set yourself up for success all day long.

What is “gut health”?

While we don’t have a Mirriam-Webster style definition for gut health, many experts agree that “A healthy gut contains healthy bacteria and immune cells that ward off infectious agents like bacteria, viruses and fungi. A healthy gut also communicates with the brain through nerves and hormones, which helps maintain general health and well-being.” 

Essentially, a healthy gut = a gut with a strong immune system. 

One of the keys to a strong immune system is a daily dose of prebiotics.

What are prebiotics?

Prebiotics are fermentable fiber that help nourish all the good bacteria in your gut and intestinal tract.

If we consider gut bacteria to be “seeds,” prebiotics are the “water” that grows and nourishes those seeds, helping them flourish into beautiful flowers, vegetables, trees (you get it).

Prebiotics have a ton of scientifically proven benefits. They:

  • Improve digestive health (that’s our goal!)
  • Bolster the immune system (no one likes a cold… or COVID. Too soon?)
  • Boost metabolism (always nice)
  • Enhance cognitive function (bye, brain fog) 

Prebiotics are also linked to reduced rates of diabetes and obesity, which is pretty cool. 

How do I get my daily dose of prebiotics?

The easiest way for me to get my daily dose of prebiotic fiber is to drink it. I prefer to have a gut healthy drink right away in the morning as part of my wake-up routine. This way, the first thing my stomach receives is nourishment (versus an acidic coffee), and I make sure I don’t forget about it later in the day as my schedule gets busier. 

Drinking prebiotics is also more convenient than timing pills, mixing supplements, or thinking too much about food; it’s easy to sip on something in the car on my way to work, or during my morning meetings. 

My favorite way to drink my prebiotics? Mayawell! (I know I know, I write for Mayawell, but I promise I’m not being biased.) It’s definitely the most delicious way to get my daily dose of fiber. After trying it 4 months ago, I’m hooked and it’s an essential part of my morning gut health routine.

Mayawell is a bubbly prebiotic soda. Now, I know what you’re thinking. 

Soda?! For breakfast?! 

Yes, soda. For breakfast. 

But this is a soda you can actually feel good about drinking:

  • No refined sugar
  • The drink is sweetened with organic agave, which has a low glycemic index (meaning it won’t raise your blood sugar)
  • It’s packed with 5g of prebiotic fiber
  • It’s less than 40 calories 
  • And it’s so good (really) 

There are four flavors, so you never get bored from having the same thing every morning:

  • Strawberry Ginger has the added benefits of stomach-settling ginger. 
  • Pear Lime has green tea in it to further boost your metabolism and give a small hit of caffeine. 
  • Pineapple Mango has turmeric and acts as an anti-inflammatory.

And the Raspberry Cucumber is actually the most refreshing drink I’ve ever tasted.

Is this fake news?

“Prebiotic” is now a buzzword in the health and wellness space. This is good in some ways because now there are lots of options out there. But it’s bad in other ways — it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s a little too good to be true. 

There’s legitimate science behind Mayawell’s gut healthy drinks. That’s why it’s the only prebiotic beverage I’ll drink:

  • 6+ years of research went into making the drink
  • The prebiotics come from their proprietary, tested Active Agave™
  • Active Agave™ is largely made from Agavin, a non-digestible sugar (meaning it’s low GI)
  • Mayawell nourishes more varieties of gut bacteria than most prebiotics (which is important, because everyone’s gut bacteria is different)

Apple Cider Vinegar Morning Mocktail 

Apple cider vinegar, like Mayawell, has gut benefits. 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in the morning is shown to:

  • Boost metabolism
  • Expel lactic acid buildup
  • Manage bloating and acid reflux
  • Freshen breath
  • Regulate blood sugar

We all know vinegar isn’t the most delicious thing to have, especially right away in the morning. Its acidity can also give some people an upset stomach in the morning. I like to dilute apple cider vinegar in Mayawell to make a morning cocktail. It tastes good, it’s easy on the tummy, and it doubles up your morning dose of good-for-you. 

  • 1 can of Pear Lime Mayawell 
  • 1 T organic apple cider vinegar
  • 1 T apple juice 
  • A squeeze of lemon juice (optional)

Your Morning with Mayawell

Good gut health before 9 am can be easy. It doesn’t matter how or where you sip: at the office, before your morning workout, or in the car during your commute. Including a gut healthy drink in your morning routine is the best way to make sure you’re prioritizing a good gut feeling, no matter what you have going on today.