We're a proudly Mexican-owned, Austin-based beverage company, and we put our roots on full display. Mayawell isn't your average soda; it's a tribute to our heritage, a celebration of our culture, and a commitment to healthy living — to being fresh and fantástico.

Our carefully crafted prebiotic beverages pair sustainably sourced Active Agave™ inulin with flavorful botanical ingredients to boost gut health and keep it tasty. Unlike traditional sodas loaded with sugar, stevia, and other nasty BS, Mayawell is a natural and organic alternative that will leave you wanting uno más and feeling zero guilt about it.

The result is a crisp, refreshing bebida that your taste buds — and your gut — will thank you for.



Giving your gut a pat on the back has never been metaphorically easier - Giving your gut a pat on the back has never been metaphorically easier -                   

There's something magical about a cool sip from a freshly cracked beverage. That's why it's called a refresco; it's a refreshing break from reality for just a split second of bliss.

Our endgame has always been finding something that tastes right and feels even better. And while a big part of that has been finding the right balance between taste and well-being, we've always thought it goes beyond that.

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We founded Mayawell in pursuit of making a beverage better than "better for you," inspired by our roots in México. After all, you shouldn't have to choose between dull and healthy or tasty and unhealthy when you can have the best of both worlds.

We may be biased, but we think we did a pretty good job.


Our Active Agave™ is a proprietary ingredient that our co-founder Vicente Reyes spent six years researching and developing. This prebiotic powerhouse helps promote and retain healthy gut bacteria, which means better digestion, improved metabolism, and just an overall good time.


A great feeling comes from the gut, and that should spread to the people around you.

For us, that means honoring our Mexican roots by sourcing only the best sustainably harvested agave and doing right by the people that help us do that. By giving back a portion of our sales to fund social impact initiatives for indigenous communities in Oaxaca, you're joining us in supporting a better, more sustainable future for everyone.

Refresco means refreshment, and we take that re-serio - Refresco means refreshment, and we take that re-serio -                   

Mayawell was born from a shared passion for health and wellness between entrepreneurs Vicente and Oliver. Vicente, an early pioneer in the mezcal industry, turned his attention to the health benefits of agave after selling his first brand. He spent over six years working with a team of scientists and researchers in Mexico to develop Active Agave™, our hero ingredient. Meanwhile, Oliver had been exploring the feasibility of bringing an ancient, agave-based Mesoamerican beverage to the US market and was introduced to Vicente through a mutual friend.

They instantly hit it off and realized they shared a sense of duty when it came to creating positive social impact. This, and their dedication to research and development, led to the formation of Mayawell. After 18 months of planning, they launched in early 2020 and have since gained traction with key retail partners such as Whole Foods, Central Market, H-E-B and Foxtrot.

Needless to say, the story is still being written, and you're a part of it.

Say adios to boring soda, say hola to a good gut feeling - Say adios to boring soda, say hola to a good gut feeling -                   


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