Good for the gut.
Better for the

Only 4g natural sugar per bottle.

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a sampler pack.

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It's all about that good gut feeling.

Organic, hand-harvested agave delivers essential prebiotic fiber to the gut, helping boost the immune system and supporting improved digestion.

A perfect pair of flavor & function

Natural botanicals meet "feel good" fiber, proven to retain healthy gut bacteria.

helps boost immunity ~ supports improved digestion ~ only 4g sugar ~
Start With A Sampler Pack

Get better acquainted with our refreshing bebidas & enjoy four bottles of each flavor.

Better Product, Bigger Impact

The agave is an amazing, life-giving plant and Mayawell uses its proprietary PREGAVE™ ingredient to deliver essential fermentable fiber to the gut.

We work closely with local and indigenous communities in Jalisco and Oaxaca to source the purest organic, hand-harvested agave while providing impactful commercial opportunities for men and women.